Friday, 16 January 2015

Lassiter Series 75 Hollywood V2 [REL]

Agreeing with the suggestions and criticisms of the previous version of the limo, I decided to remake the model. What has changed:
* There was a well-tuned chrome where needed (trim, wheel covers), as well as light chrome on vehicle
* Fixed bug with no breaks on the windshield shot
* Added scratches on all breakable parts
* Removed the second layer on the glasses and set them as on standard cars
* Removed blackout on wings
As always there: its shadow, collision, LOD, exploding gas tank, your settings handling.cfg in the ReadMe

File not be published on the portal On other websites - with my permission

Файл запрещено публиковать на портале На остальных порталах - с моего разрешения


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