Monday, 21 December 2015

[REL] Ford Gran Torino '74

So, I imagine my new envelope - Ford Gran Torino 1974 model year of Driver: San Francisco (in the screenshots - version with IVF, the archive is also a model for standard lamps). Model features:
* Good quality models
* Good texture
* Adapting the model for the active dashboard (speedometer, tachometer, fuel level sensors and oil pressure, thermometer, ammeter, watches, leather), IVF (brake lights, high beam, turn signals, back up, lighting devices).
* Supports CA-rooms and mud
* CJ's hands on the steering wheel
* New configuration handling, carcols (the colors selected in accordance with the factory), vehsets (for correct operation of the instrument panel, a file located in the data, if the mode is set). Spelled out in the ReadMe.
* All that has, breaks, scratches, beats
* Own shadow, collision, chassis_vlo
* Works well with ENB
* Replaces Sabre
* DK22Pac for creating Improved Vehicles Features
* Izerli for the creation of active dashboard

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