Tuesday, 27 March 2018

[REL] 1933 GAZ-4

The new conversion is a first Soviet pickup GAZ-4 of the 1933 model. In the screenshots - the version with IVF, in the archive there is also a model for standard headlights.
Features of the model:
* Good quality
* All parts except the cockpit are created from scratch. The cabin is also recycled.
* Good textures
* The model is adapted for IVF (front lights, brake lights, brake callipers) and to the Active dashboard (janitor, rudder, for the version without IVF - also brake calipers)
* CJ's hands on the steering wheel
* New settings for handling and vehicle.ide. Written in ReadMe.
* Everything that should, breaks, scratches, beats. Completely working halves of the bonnet (made instead of the rear doors)
* Own shadow, collision, chassis_vlo
* Replaces Sadler
Thank you:
* DK22Pac for creating Improved Vehicles Features
* izerli for creating an Active Dashboard
* seke757 for the settings.


  1. hello nice model I have a question He could do the Dodge 37 1954 model xD?

  2. Replies
    1. look model xD

    2. dodge wc 51 editing? to dodge m37