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Sunday, 22 January 2017

[REL, ST] 1940 GAZ-MM

GAZ-MM for SpinTires is ended.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

[REL] 1934 GAZ-AAA

So, I present my new conversion - Soviet 2-ton truck GAZ-AAA (as in the previous conversion, the basis was taken a polutorka from Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad)which is a modification GAZ-AA with 6x4. This model is a specification until 1937. The screenshots - version with IVF, the archive is also a model for standard lights.
Model features:
* Unlike other conversions - cabin normally painted
* Good quality of model and textures
* A large number of parts made by me from scratch - wheel, engine, transmission, brake system, engine compartment, headlights, hoods. Reworked board platform, the elements of the frame and cab.
*A model adapted to the of IVF (headlights, brake lights, brake calipers) and Active Dashboard (wiper, steering wheel)
* CJ's hands on the steering wheel
* New settings (handling.cfg, vehicle.ide, carcols.dat). Described in the ReadMe.
* All that has, breaks, scratches, beats. Exploding gas tank (the neck in front of the windshield)
* New shadow, collision, сhassis_vlo
* It is possible to hitch a trailer (seen in the screenshot)
* Replaces Sadler

Thank you:
* DK22Pac for creating Improved Vehicles Features
* Izerli for creating Active dashboard

Thursday, 5 January 2017

[WIP] 1932 GAZ-A or 1930 Ford Model A Phaeton

GAZ-A was broadly in line Ford Model A Standard Phaeton (body code 35B) in a modernized version of the 1930-31 model years (closest to the version that had been produced after October 1930, when there was a transition to a one-piece mud flaps over the footrests, and May 1931, when the engine fuel system design has been changed, transfer flask coarse fuel filter on the carburettor, and the fuel cock - from the interior to the engine compartment, eliminating the inherited GAZ-A defect associated with the Leaking gasoline into the cabin through worn fuel cock), although a number of minor changes.

Outwardly from the original Ford it differed primarily design front end: the Soviet car was used having a simplified shape and trim of the radiator mask with no decorative grilles, unified with a cargo Ford AA / GAZ-AA.

A brief description of the design:
- Car design frame, the frame of the two frame rail members connected the cross beams.
- Clutch - single-plate, dry. 
- Transmission - three-stage, three forward speeds and one - back.
- The main gear on the rear axle - a pair of bevel gears with spiral teeth. Final drive ratio - 3.77.
- Suspension front and rear axle - dependent on the transverse leaf springs, with 4 hydraulic shock absorbers revolving type of unilateral action (rotary, Houdaille system).
- Tires - 5,50-16 inch wheels with three-row metal spokes.
- Shoe brakes, with a mechanical drive. Parking brake - tape on the rear axle.
- Turning radius - 5.5 m.


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