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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Message with updates

Yesterday and today, two mods were updated: Ford Delivery and ZIS-36 for Mudrunner in Steam Workshop.
For Ford, texture bugs were fixed. You can download the new archive in the release message.
Changelog for ZIS-36:
1) the tank trailer has been removed;
2) decreased universality of add-ons;
3) a new model of a two-axle trailer. Instead of 2-P-3 modeled on a hunch, 2-P-2 modeled according to the drawings;
4) fix small texture bugs.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

[WIP] 1930 Ford Model A PickUp

Weaver Auto Crane, carrying capacity of 2.7 tons (6000 lbs), is common on light tow trucks in the late 20s - early 40s. A similar crane on a scale of 1 \ 35 is manufactured by Miniart. It will be used as an extras on a pickup truck and possibly on a fully functional tow truck based on Ford AA.

[REL] 1930 Ford Model A Standart Fordor

 1930 Ford Model A with a Standart Fordor body, which was produced by the body firm Briggs. What it has: the chassis is completely modeled f...