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Sunday, 28 October 2018

[REL] 1941 M-72 with sidecar

So, finally my little adventure is over. My first self-running scratch model, only the machine gun in extra extracted from RO2)

Motorcycle M-72 sample 1941 with a sidecar, the very beginning of the release, the rarest representative: deep front wing, early frame, fixing the wheel axis of the sidecar without amplification, early relay controller and a bunch of other things. The first Soviet oppositionist, a copy of the BMW R71, which helped in the search for material for mounting the front license plate. Is available until now, if we consider direct descendants in the form of IMZ Ural for 18K dollars)

The engine is fully 3D, machine gun, two versions of the license plate and sidecar body kit in the extras. Almost completely replaced the animation, the standard remained only the animation of landing. The passenger sits quietly in a wheelchair, can shoot the ballas with new animations. Adaptation to the Acvtive Dashboard in the form of working speedometer and odometer. Because replaces the quadbike, that is small problems. In the archive of the IVF-version and for HQLM. Seems to be all.

Saturday, 22 September 2018


The model of a motorcycle with a sidecar will replace a quad bike. I'll try to replace the animation as much as I can.

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