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Saturday, 21 December 2019

[REL] 1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Delivery

Ford Model A 1930 model year with a commercial body 130-B Deluxe Delivery. What is there: the body is completely modeled from scratch (frame, suspension, engine, steering, brake system), the body is completely new, the car has a corresponding set of accessories. There are three advertising extras, one extra in two color options. There are six versions in the archive (with and without Vehfuncs, with IVF and without). Due to the fact that CJ is too long, there are some problems)

[REL] 1930 Ford Model A Standart Fordor

 1930 Ford Model A with a Standart Fordor body, which was produced by the body firm Briggs. What it has: the chassis is completely modeled f...