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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

[REL] GAZ-704

So, I imagine my new convert - Soviet small trailer GAZ-704, which was manufactured from 1949 to 1956-the second year.
Model features:
* When using the VSA easily clings to my UAZ-300, as shown in the screenshot
* Completely made from scratch model
* Good quality models
* Good texture
* New handling settings, vehicle.ide and carcols (the trailer is not in this file, so the line will have to be added). Spelled out in the ReadMe.
*Own shadow collision
* Works well with ENB
* Replaces Utiltr

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

[REL] UAZ-300

So, I imagine my new convert - Soviet truck UAZ-300 from 4X4 Game (in the screenshots - version of IVF, the archive is also a model for standard lamps). Model features:
* Unlike other convert - body colored fine
* Good quality models (compared with the original model finalized - new wheels, made on archival photos, engine, suspension, interior a little more detailed)
* Good texture
* Adapting the model for IVF
* CJ's Hands on the steering wheel
* New handling and vehicle.ide settings. Spelled out in the ReadMe.
* All that has, breaks, scratches, beats. Exploding gas tank (on the left)
* Newshadow, collision, chassis_vlo
* Works well with ENB
* Replaces Walton
Thank for:
* DK22Pac for creating Improved Vehicles Features
Envelope does not claim to historicity, since only performed on the existing online photos and information.

The mod can be published on any websites, but with an indication of the author and links to blog

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