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Sunday, 13 September 2015

[REL] Battlefield 1942 Weapon Pack

Since screenshots too much, you can find them in the archive.
So this is the conversion of almost all of the weapons from Battlfield 1942 and The Secret Weapon of WWII. List of weapons:
1) Colt M1911 (colt45); 2) Walther P38 (colt45); 3) BAR M1918 (ak47); 4) Bazooka M1 (rocketla); 5) Bren LMG (ak47); 6) DP obr.1927 (m4); 7) FG42 (ak47); 8) Stielhandgranate 24 (grenade); 9) Gewehr 43 ZF Scoped (sniper); 10) Type 5 (cuntgun); 11) Type 99 LMG (ak47); 12) Johnson M1 (ak47); 13) Bayonet Kar98 (knife); 14) Bayonet M3 (knife); 15) Kar98k (cuntgun); 16) Kar98k Scoped (sniper); 17) Lee-Enfield No.4 (cuntgun); 18) Lee-Enfield No.4 Scoped (sniper); 19) M1 Garand (cuntgun); 20) MG42 (m4); 21) MP18 (mp5lng); 22) MP40 (mp5lng); 23) Panzerschreck (rocketla); 24) Sten Mk.IIs (mp5lng); 25) StG 44 (ak47); 26) Thompson M1A1 (mp5lng); 27) Browning Auto 5 (chromegun); 28) Mk.2 Grenade (grenade).

* Average quality models
* Good quality textures
* Good lie in the hands (except for a couple of pieces)
* New icons
* Bonus: new icons for GTAV Hud. Icon corresponding arms lies in its folder. Installation: to throw with the replacement of the icon on the way: a folder with a game> GTAVHud_by_DK22Pac> weapon> weapons. Make backup copies of replaced files!

Pack and models individually is prohibited to place on other websites without my permission.

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