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Monday, 14 November 2016

[REL] 1940 GAZ-65

So, I introduce my new conversion - Soviet prototype 1.5-ton half-track truck GAZ-65. The car was developed in the late 30's as a cheap way to improve cross-trucks due to the attachment of caterpillar tracks. Further experiments, however, have proved the futility of such a path. This specimen was collected on the chassis of GAZ-MM in 1940 to the year. As in the past, the envelope, the basis was taken by lorry from the Red Orchestra 2. The screenshots - version of IVF, the archive is also a model for standard lights.
Model features:
* Good quality models
* A large number of parts made by me from scratch wheels, engine, transmission, brake system, engine compartment, headlights, hoods, caterpillar mover. Reworked board platform, the elements of the frame and cab.
* Good texture
*A model adapted for the IVF (headlights, brake lights, front support wheels) and Active Dashboard (wipers, steering wheel)
* Fully working caterpillar mover (rollers, tracks, drive circuit). Script Developer - IGOR94
CJ * Hands on the steering wheel
* New handling settings, vehicle.ide and carcols.dat. Spelled out in the ReadMe.
* All that has, breaks, scratches, beats. Exploding gas tank (the neck in front of the windshield)
* Own shadow, collision, chassis_vlo
* Replaces Sadler
Thank you:
* DK22Pac for creating Improved Vehicles Features
* Izerli for creating Active dashboard

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