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Saturday, 5 January 2019

[REL, ST:M] 1940 ZIS-36

Experimental three-axle all-wheel drive truck ZIS-36 1940 release. It differs from the ZIS-6 slightly more powerful engine and, accordingly, the drive on all three axles. All parts (except the capbin) and the Addons are made by me from scratch.

New sounds. At the cabin, the bonnets and doors open, the engine has a cooling fan.

1) Cargo platform. It allows you to carry 1 point of short logs, as well as a tank and barrels of fuel for 2000 liters. Opens the tailgate.
2) Two-Axle trailer 2-P-3. Allows you to carry 1 point of short logs. Opens the tailgate.
3) Log сart and log trailer. Allow you to carry 3 points of medium logs.
4) Trailer-tank 1-AP-1. 700 liters of fuel
5) Garage parts (utility). 600 liters of fuel, 300 points of repair and 2 points of garage
6) PARM PM-5 (mobile workshop). 1000 repair points.
7) Spare wheel. 100 points repair
8) Tanker BZ-35. It holds 1400 liters of fuel. Has its spare wheel

Cabin with texture and with my modifications, and the texture of the wheels for the authorship of Alexey Timoshenko (ruspartizan)
Part of the texture - Tripwire Interactive

It is forbidden to modify, convert to other games and publish on other portals without my permission.

Feedback and bug reports are welcome.

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