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Monday, 4 August 2014

Battlefield: Vietnam weapon pack [REL]

Completed the same pack of weapons of Battlefield: Vietnam. Features pack:
* 25 types of weapons: Type-56 (Chinese copy of the AKM, replacement ak47), Type-56-2 (Chinese copy of AKMS replacement ak47), Type-53 (Chinese copy machine gun DPM replacement ak47), RPD (replacement m4), CKC (replacement cuntgun), TT-33 (replacement colt45), SVD (replace sniper), Mosin rifle obr.91/30 (replacement sniper), RPG-2 and RPG-7V (replacement rocketla), PZRK "Strela" (replacement heatsek), CAR-15 (replacement m4), CAR-15 XM-148 grenade launcher (replacement m4), M16A1 (replacing m4), M14 (replacing cuntgun), M21 (replacement sniper), M16 Scoped (replacement sniper), M40 (replacement sniper), M60 (replacing m4), SMG MAT-40 (replacement mp5lng), Mossberg 500 (replacement shotgspa), 44 Magnum revolver (replacement desert eagle), Colt M1911 (replacement colt45), American Frag and smoke grenades, and just entrenching shovel.
* Average quality models
* Good texture
* Good position in the hands of
* SA and GTAIV Hud icons
* His sights for sniper rifles (there are two options: the script using unbalanced sights, and without using simple sights. Script does not work with mods that change thin or something on it adds: Installation: file DSS.cs throw in a folder CLEO, DSS.txd file folder with one of the rifles to throw in the folder models / txd in the game folder. Such sights have to Mosin rifle, SVD and M21. for SVD and M21 have the ability to illuminate the reticle. to do this, press H when keep a rifle in his hands, but nothing with it do not do)


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