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Friday, 3 October 2014

Screenshots of some of my work for the developed  MTA server on the Second World War - San Andreas At War. Server developed by talented  German scripter Einheit-101. Already there is a beta version, gameplay video will appear for about 19 ​​October. Test innovations you can see on the official YouTube channel of Einheit-101. The server will be released after the release of a new version of the MTA.


  1. very nice! i help him too, he is really doing a very good work whit the server, you too with that models :P

    1. Мог бы уж и по-русски писать :) Ты же русский, да?

  2. Hey, who made that pictures? I can`t remember them :P
    My beta gameplay testing is going on and i will open a blog soon.

  3. The Panzer IV and sherman tanks are models of ivan yurov. Can you two talk to each other to make the wheels working? That would be great. :)


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