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Sunday, 31 August 2014

T-72 from ArmA: Armed Assault [WIP]

Began to convert the T-72 from ArmA. The model is ready, the texture applied, it remains to be moved to the game :)


  1. I'd advise not to convert from the ArmA series, the developers really care about there models and have already sent out C&D letters to people who ported their models.

    1. I do not use the model for commercial use, so I do not break the law.

    2. Well, you actually do, since it's stated in the EULA that you're not allowed to reverse engineer and redistribute any content of their games, regardless of the use. I have done the same for San Andreas and GTA IV and I have also recieved a C&D letter at some point.

    3. Well, what you have received this letter does not mean that I'll get it. And anyway, I'm Russian, I do not care :)


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